Gabe Kwong named a 2020 TEDMED Hive Innovator

Recognizing & Celebrating the Innovation Powering a Healthier World

Progress towards a healthier world begins with individuals who are willing to break the limits of convention, and to challenge the status quo. These innovators embrace imagination and aren’t afraid to explore both chaos, clarity, and the space between in order to discover new paths to a healthier world.

This mindset is catalyzing exciting innovations across health and medicine in areas like life science and therapeutics, medical tech and devices, digital and mobile health, healthcare systems, care delivery, reimbursement models and IT, public health, advancing science, and more.

Each year, TEDMED celebrates the ideas behind progress in health and medicine through a program called The Hive, which is dedicated to celebrating the power of imagination and human potential. 

Q&A with Gabe Kwong, co-founder of Glympse Bio

What’s the most inventive, innovative, or disruptive aspect of your initiative?

Physicians continue to lack reliable indicators of disease to help guide clinical decisions. This absence is due to fundamental limitations in disease biology – not from lack of interest or effort by the research community. Our disruptive approach is to not rely on Nature, but to engineer our own disease indicators. This approach not only solves current challenges, but allows us to gain deep insights such as how patients respond and develop resistance to treatments.

If you had a theme song, what would it be and why?

The Disney theme song “It’s a Small World”. Surprised? If you take it literally, we marvel at the possibilities when science occurs at a small scale. At Glympse Bio, we are miniaturizing biological sensors to glimpse inside the body – building a bigger and better future for patients everywhere.

Gabe Kwong named a 2020 TEDMED Hive Innovator