Engineering immunity to transform human health.

We are an interdisciplinary research laboratory focused on engineering immune-based medicines to intercept and treat human disease.


Programmable Immunity for cytometry and biocomputation.

Interfacing immunology with seemingly distant fields – such as DNA nanotechnology and machine learning – is a key strategy to gain traction to longstanding challenges and forge new research arenas. We adopt multi-disciplinary approaches to develop programmable systems for immune cytometry and biocomputation.

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Immune Sensors to intercept early disease.

Much of what happens inside the body is hidden to us. We analyze medical images and scrutinize tissue samples – yet disease is often discovered too late to make a meaningful difference. Our group pioneers new classes of biological sensors to intercept early disease and gain valuable insights into how patients respond and develop resistance to treatments. 


T Cell Therapies for everyone.

The success of engineered T cell therapies to induce durable remission in cancer patients has ushered in a new era in cell-based medicines. Yet these treatments are not effective for everyone and are prohibitively costly to large segments of the population. We strive to develop new ways to improve and democratize access to T cell therapies.

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We are a research group with diverse scientific expertise that thrives on teamwork and collaboration. We share a common approach to innovation, bringing together creativity, scientific rigor, and grit to solve problems that have not been solved before.


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